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American Steam, LLC

Hampton Roads, USA

American Steam, LLC

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on July 30, 2014 at 10:51 PM Comments comments ()
In This Blog, I will Touch Base On A Few Frequently Asked Questions And Over Time Will Add Others To This List, But These Are Some Of The Most Common Questions I Get For Our Service

What Method Cleaning Does American Steam Perform: This Is Simple.... As Our Name Suggests, We Use "Steam Cleaning" As Our Preferred Method Of Cleaning!  Steam Cleaning, As It Has Been Called Over The Years, Is  A Vague Description At Best, It Is Actually HWE, Or Hot Water Extraction! This IS The Preferred Method By Most, If Not All Of Your Major Carpet Manufactures. Our POWERFUL Truck Mounted System Get As Hot As 250Degrees And Maintains A Near Constant 230 Degrees During The Entire Cleaning! Although It isn't Quite Steam, It Is Hot Enough To Clean And Sanitize The Worst Of Disasters On Your Carpet!

What Causes That Dark Line Around The Edges Of My Carpet?: This Actually Has A Pretty Simple Explanation
This Dark Line Around Your Base Boards Or Around Heavy Furniture And Under Frequently Closed Doors IS What Is Known As Dirt Filtration And IS Caused, Believe It Or Not BY YOUR AIR CONDITIONING primarily! Believe It Or Not, Your Carpet (And Other Soft Fibers In Your Home) Are The Largest Air Filter On Your Property, Your Carpets Fibers Filter Out Air Born Dust And Pollutants As Your Air Conditioner Forces Air From Your A/C Vents Back To The Return, Walking Across Your Carpets Disperse Those Particulates To The Edge Of your Carpet, Where Your Vacuum Doesn't Quite Reach It.... Remember, Dust Is Mostly Dead Skin Cells And Skin Cells Have Body Oils Attached To Them, Those Oily Skin Cells Attract More Dirt And Dust Eventually Leaving That (until Recently) Permanent Line Along The Baseboards..... Call Us Today About Some Pricing Options To Possibly Remove Those Stubborn Lines!

Why Should I Pay For The Carpet Protection If My Carpet Is Stain Resistant?:
Well, This Is One Of My Favorite Questions And Has Quite A Few Answers That I Will Include Here From Why To What It Does For You!  First, To Answer That Question, Your Manufactures Carpet Protection Simply Wears Off! It Doesn't Have A Specific Time And Varies From How Much Was Actually Applied, How Strong It Was Mixed To How Much Traffic Your Home Sees, All Of These Play A Key Factor On How Long It Will Last, But, To Be On The Safe Side, It Is Recommended To Have It Applied With EVERY Cleaning (Professional Deep Cleaning Will Strip Any Remaining Carpet Protection) Once A Year!  On To The Rest Of The Answer.... What Does Carpet Protection Do?  It's Easy Really To Describe.... Much Like A Car Wax, It Supplies A Barrier From Any Unwanted Contaminates.... But This IS where Many People Get Confused, Carpet Protection Isn't Really Designed To Prevent Spills From Staining, Although It Does Aid In That, It's Main Purpose Is To Keep Dry Soil From Penetrating Deep Into The Fibers Of The Carpet, Allowing Your Vacuum To Become More Efficient, Getting Up More Dry Soil Than Without It..... Have You Ever Been Into Someone's Home And Notice They Have "Trails" Through Their Carpet Showing The Predominant  Path They Take?  Protection Is Designed To Help Prevent That From Happening.... We Will Discuss That In A Later FAQ Segment...
As A Side Effect.... It Also Allows You Additional Time To Catch Any Spills That May Occur Before They Set In